The British Arts Awards 2019

The Finals

The following items beat 100s of others to reach the British Arts London Finals 2019: huge congrats to the choreographers, writers & performers!

Performing on Friday 10th May 7pm (item numbers in brackets):

Inter Novice Ballet: Grace Deane (3)
Senior Large Drama Group: Why Miss Drinks (28)
Junior Choreography Award: No Lies (Phoebe Causer, Lola Cronin, Abi Fullard, Annabel Hopwood, Maddy Woollett) (36)
Inter Novice Modern: Eve Cronin (46)
Inter Novice Drama: Molly Tower & Mollie Casserley (51)

Performing on Saturday 11th May 2pm:

Jnr Large Modern Group: Make ‘em Laugh (1)
Jnr Novice Ballet: Ava Barkworth (8)
Jnr Small Ballet Group: Les Trois Amis (14)
Jnr Large Character Group: Pied Piper of Hamelin (27)
Jnr Novice Drama: Ava Barkworth (38)
Jnr Novice Character: Ava Barkworth (45)

Performing on Saturday 11th May 6.45pm:

Snr Novice Ballet: Phoebe Causer (7)
Snr Novice Ballet: Phoebe Causer & Abi Fullard (41)
Snr Novice Open Section: Tabitha Pennant-Jones (46)

Performing on Sunday 12th May 10.45am:

Baby Tap: Eva Edwards (11)
Baby Small Modern Group: Zippity Boppity Boo (20)
Baby Song: Amelie Wilmerson (27)

Performing on Sunday 12th May 2.15pm:

Jnr Medal Acro: Sophia Clarke (16)
Jnr Medal Drama: Mollie Casserley (27)
Jnr Medal Ballet: Sophia Clarke & Anna Rowlands (42)
Jnr Medal Modern: Ava Barkworth & Mollie Casserley (47)
Jnr Medal Modern: Sophia Clarke & Anna De Oliveira (48)

Performing on Sunday 12th May 6.30pm:

Inter Medal Tap: Lottie Casserley (2)
Inter Medal Ballet: Lottie Casserley (12)
Inter Medal Character: Isabelle Sides & Grace Deane (17)
Inter Medal Open Section: Lottie Casserley (26)
Senior Small Modern Group: Fashion (28)
Inter Medal Character: Lottie Casserley (38)

Performing on Sunday 26th May 1.30pm:

Snr Medal Ballet: Ayla Clare (4)
Snr Medal Song: Lola Cronin (23)
Snr Medal Modern: Ayla Clare (29)
Snr Medal Lyrical: Ayla Clare (37)
Snr Medal Open Section: Lola Cronin (47)

Performing on Sunday 26th May 6.30pm:

Senior Large Lyrical Group: 1918 (35)
Senior Large Contemporary Group: Instinct (48)
Adv Drama: Ellie Chapman & Willow Price (55)

Fabulous Semi-Finals Results!

As always, JMDS students gave it everything they had at the semi-finals. So darn proud! Merits - and therefore a place on the shortlist for finals - were awarded to:

Baby Small Group (modern) - Zippity Boppity Boo
Junior Large Group (character) - Pied Piper
Junior Large Group (modern) - Make ‘Em Laugh
Junior Large Group (song) - Stick It to the Man 
Junior Small Group (ballet) - Les Trois Amis
Junior Choreography - No Lies
Senior Small Group (modern) - Fashion
Senior Large Group (tap) - It’s Showtime
Senior Large Group (drama) - Why Miss Drinks
Senior Large Group (contemporary) - Instinct
Senior Large Group (character) - 1918

Baby Novice Ballet - Eva Edwards 
Baby Novice Tap - Eva Edwards 
Baby Novice Song - Amelie Wilmerson

Junior Novice Ballet - Ava Barkworth
Junior Novice Song - Martha Cronin
Junior Ballet - Sophia Clarke
Junior Character - Ava Barkworth 
Junior Modern - Ava Barkworth 
Junior Modern - Mollie Casserley
Junior Modern - Phoebe Molnar 
Junior Acrobatic - Sophia Clarke 
Junior Drama - Ava Barkworth 
Junior Drama - Mollie Casserley

Junior Classical Duet - Sophia Clarke & Anna Rowlands
Junior Modern Duet - Ava Barkworth & Mollie Casserley 
Junior Modern Duet - Sophia Clarke & Anna De Oliveira

Inter Novice Ballet - Grace Deane
Inter Novice Tap - Rosanna Hardy
Inter Novice Drama - Molly Tower
Inter Novice Modern - Eve Cronin
Inter Modern - Isabelle Sides
Inter Tap - Isabelle Sides
Inter Tap - Lottie Casserley
Inter Ballet - Lottie Casserley
Inter Character - Lottie Casserley
Inter Entertainment - Lottie Casserley
Inter Modern Duet - Amaris Dawson & Sophia Metherell
Inter Drama Duet - Molly Tower & Mollie Casserley 
Inter Classical Duet - Isabelle Sides & Grace Deane

Senior Novice Ballet - Phoebe Causer
Senior Novice Lyrical - Tabitha Pennant-Jones
Senior ballet - Ayla Clare
Senior modern - Ayla Clare
Senior lyrical - Ayla Clare
Senior open section - Lola Cronin
Senior song - Lola Cronin
Senior Classical Duet - Abi Fullard & Phoebe Causer

Adv open section - Jess Millson
Adv song - Jess Millson 
Adv drama - Lilly Winn
Adv drama duet - Ellie Chapman & Willow Price

Our Items in the Semi-Finals

Novice = has never reached finals in this age group before
Medallist = has reached finals in this age group before
(There is no novice category in Advanced.)

Our Preliminary Rounds Results

prelim results 1.jpg
prelim results 2.jpg
prelim results 3.jpg

What are The British Arts Awards?

The British Arts Awards is a competition organised between dancing schools throughout England. The preliminary rounds take place at Woodhall Farm Community Centre in December and January. In brief:

  • Solos, duets and groups can enter.

  • There's an entry fee for all items.

  • Sections include: ballet, tap, song & dance, modern, acrobatic, character, national, solo song, drama.

  • Any student can enter the Awards. In the first instance they should speak to Miss Jayne, who'll be able to advise on which teacher could choreograph an item for them. (Don't forget that this'll mean extra rehearsal and choreography costs.)

  • Preliminary sessions and semi-finals are held locally - usually Woodhall Farm Community Centre and Watford Boys' Grammar School. Finals are held in London.

  • Competitors gaining an Honours mark in the prelims go through to the semi-finals.

  • At the semi-finals the best items are awarded a Merit certificate and go on the list for finals.

  • After all the regional semi-finals have taken place, only the highest three marks for solos and duets and highest two marks for groups, nationally in each age group and section, go to the London finals. It sounds complicated, but you soon get used to it!

Age & Time Limits

Time limits stated are the maximum time allowed. Items don't necessarily have to be the maximum length.

Solo Sections

Baby                                6 yrs & under                     2 mins
Junior                              7-9 yrs                                 2 mins
Intermediate                 10-12 yrs                             2.5  mins
Senior                             13-15 yrs                             2.5  mins
Advanced                       Over 15 & under 25          2.5 mins apart from song, song & dance, and drama – 3 minutes

Duet Sections               

The age and standard (novice or medal - the entry form has full details about this) of the eldest performer determines the section in which the entry should be made.  When both performers are in the same age group, the highest standard should be taken.

Baby                                6 yrs & under                     2.5 mins
Junior                              7-9 yrs                                 2.5 mins
Intermediate                 10-12 yrs                             3 mins
Senior                             13-15 yrs                             3 mins
Advanced                       Over 15 under 25              3 mins

Group Sections

Large Group                                                                4.5 mins
Small Group                                                                3.5 mins
Junior & Senior Scena Groups                                 Junior 5 mins, average age under 14. Senior 5.5 mins, average age over 14. Scenas may be dance, song, drama, mime, music or a combination of any of these. It must have a story or a strong theme.