The British Arts Awards 2019


Semi-finals: Saturday 9th March @ Watford Boys' Grammar School, times tbc
Some items may choose to show at the semi-finals held in Staines, Sutton & Ilford. Full dates available at 

Finals: 10th-12th May @ the Polish Theatre, W6 0RF, & 26th May @ the Greenwood Theatre, SE1 3RA

Our Items in the Semi-Finals

Novice = has never reached finals in this age group before
Medallist = has reached finals in this age group before
(There is no novice category in Advanced.)

Our Preliminary Rounds Results

prelim results 1.jpg
prelim results 2.jpg
prelim results 3.jpg

What are The British Arts Awards?

The British Arts Awards is a competition organised between dancing schools throughout England. The preliminary rounds take place at Woodhall Farm Community Centre in December and January. In brief:

  • Solos, duets and groups can enter.

  • There's an entry fee for all items.

  • Sections include: ballet, tap, song & dance, modern, acrobatic, character, national, solo song, drama.

  • Any student can enter the Awards. In the first instance they should speak to Miss Jayne, who'll be able to advise on which teacher could choreograph an item for them. (Don't forget that this'll mean extra rehearsal and choreography costs.)

  • Preliminary sessions and semi-finals are held locally - usually Woodhall Farm Community Centre and Watford Boys' Grammar School. Finals are held in London.

  • Competitors gaining an Honours mark in the prelims go through to the semi-finals.

  • At the semi-finals the best items are awarded a Merit certificate and go on the list for finals.

  • After all the regional semi-finals have taken place, only the highest three marks for solos and duets and highest two marks for groups, nationally in each age group and section, go to the London finals. It sounds complicated, but you soon get used to it!

Age & Time Limits

Time limits stated are the maximum time allowed. Items don't necessarily have to be the maximum length.

Solo Sections

Baby                                6 yrs & under                     2 mins
Junior                              7-9 yrs                                 2 mins
Intermediate                 10-12 yrs                             2.5  mins
Senior                             13-15 yrs                             2.5  mins
Advanced                       Over 15 & under 25          2.5 mins apart from song, song & dance, and drama – 3 minutes

Duet Sections               

The age and standard (novice or medal - the entry form has full details about this) of the eldest performer determines the section in which the entry should be made.  When both performers are in the same age group, the highest standard should be taken.

Baby                                6 yrs & under                     2.5 mins
Junior                              7-9 yrs                                 2.5 mins
Intermediate                 10-12 yrs                             3 mins
Senior                             13-15 yrs                             3 mins
Advanced                       Over 15 under 25              3 mins

Group Sections

Large Group                                                                4.5 mins
Small Group                                                                3.5 mins
Junior & Senior Scena Groups                                 Junior 5 mins, average age under 14. Senior 5.5 mins, average age over 14. Scenas may be dance, song, drama, mime, music or a combination of any of these. It must have a story or a strong theme.