Choreography Competition 2019

Sunday 17th November 2019, 2.30pm (hall opens 1.30pm)
Berkhamsted Civic Centre, HP4 3HD 

Our annual choreography competition is a school show without pressure, and a great starting point for entering external competitions.
Here’s everything you need to know:

Annabel Hopwood, Choreography Competition 2018

Annabel Hopwood, Choreography Competition 2018

Who can enter?

Every member of the school, no matter how old and senior or young and new to JMDS. The main rule is that whatever you enter is all your own work - or the work of another JMDS student who has choreographed an item for you (more on that below).

Is it just dancing?

No. You can enter a solo, duet or group item in any of the following sections: Ballet, Tap, Modern, Acro, Song & Dance, Drama, National, Character, Song, Entertainment. You can enter as many sections as you like, but only one item per section, please.

Can I choreograph something for someone else?

Yes. The Medal Section is where you choreograph something for yourself to perform. For this you will win either a bronze, silver or gold medal.
But students can also enter items for the Choreography Section, which is where the item is choreographed by the student for someone else, or for a group, to perform. Winners in this section get a trophy. If you would like a medal too you can buy these at the end of the competition.

What are the age groups?

Ava Barkworth, Choreography Competition 2018

Ava Barkworth, Choreography Competition 2018

Baby: 6 years and under
Junior: 7-9 years
Intermediate: 10-12 years
Senior: 13-15 years
Advanced: 16 years and over

Please use student’s age as of 1st September 2019.

What are the time limits?

Baby & Junior: 2 minutes
Inter & Senior: 2.5 minutes
Advanced: 2.5 minutes, except Song & Dance, Song, and Drama, which are 3 minutes.

Baby & Junior: 2.5 minutes
Inter, Senior & Advanced: 3 minutes

Scena* - Junior (average age 12 and under): 5 minutes
Scena* - Senior (average age 13+): 6 minutes
Large group (9-24 performers): 4 minutes
Small group (3-8 performers): 3.5 minutes
*Scena may be song, dance, drama, mime or a combination. It must have either a story or a strong theme. Max number of performers is 25.

Any tips on how to please the judges?

The judges take all the following into consideration when marking each item:

  • Age

  • Content and standard of choreography

  • Costume and make-up

  • Choice and quality of music

  • A definite ending or fade to the music

  • Stage presentation (how you use your face)

  • Proper ending

  • Curtsy/bow

  • Use of stage space

  • Being within the time limit

Dylan Casserley & Mollie Casserley, Choreography Competition 2018

Dylan Casserley & Mollie Casserley, Choreography Competition 2018

How much does it cost to enter?

Solo: £9
Duet: £10.50
Group/Scena: £15
Please note that in the Choreography Section the choreographer should pay the entry fee and be responsible for submitting the entry form.

How do I enter?

Download and fill in this form - you only need one, however many items you’re entering - and send or give it, along with cash or cheque payable to J Wilson No 3, to Miss Jayne by 7th November 2019 - this is a definite deadline so don’t miss it! (Sorry, no emailed entries or bank transfers accepted.)

Can my family and friends come and watch?

Definitely! Everyone welcome. Admission is on the door and a small charge is made.

Anything else I should know?

  • With group items you must list the names of performers and give your group a title.

  • The programme will be emailed to you ahead of the competition.

  • Music must be of good sound quality, cut to the required length on CD only and handed to the sound and lighting booth by 1.30pm on the day of the competition. Please ensure you have a back-up CD and that both are clearly marked with name and item number.

  • Songs must be with musical backing but no backing vocals.

  • Performers should stay in their last costume and line up on stage at the end of the competition (you will be told when this is).

  • All items may be entered for the British Arts Awards at a later date if so wished, and polished up by a teacher if required.

  • And once again, here’s a link for the application form: download here.

Good luck and see you there!